Steps to Finding the Right Father’s Rights Attorney


Whether you are facing divorce or you need to establish paternity in order to obtain custody or visitation rights for your children, having the best fathers rights attorney working with you can make all the difference. Fathers’ rights law firms focus on ensuring that fathers are considered equal to mothers in family court matters, including custody disputes and child support. In the past, it was common for judges to skew towards favoring women when it came to custody and child support issues, but this has changed over time. Finding the best fathers rights lawyer in Chicago Illinois can be a crucial step in pursuing your parental rights and establishing a meaningful connection with your children.

The #1 fathers rights attorney in Chicago, IL will have a thorough understanding of the different laws and how they apply to your situation. They should also be able to provide you with valuable advice and guidance on the best course of action to take in your case. Their primary goal will be to ensure that your interests and those of your children are protected, and they will work tirelessly in order to secure a positive outcome in your case.

Even after legislative prejudices against fathers have been purged from statutes across the United States, many dads are still at a disadvantage when it comes to seeking custody of their children. This can be due to the fact that courts may not understand or acknowledge the importance of a father’s role in the life of their child. In addition, many fathers simply don’t fight back when their ex-wife tries to manipulate them or treat them unfairly during a custody dispute or in other family law matters.

Finding the Best Fathers Rights Lawyer

In the past, it was common for judges in divorce cases to skew toward awarding custody to the mother. However, social and familial mores have evolved, and now more than ever, fathers are equally invested in the fostering and nurturing of their children. Whether you are being denied access to your children by their mother, being badmouthed or admonished by the judge or unjustly accused of abuse, our firm can help you preserve your parental rights and connect with your children after a divorce.

Regardless of whether you are married or not, you have the same legal rights as the mother to see and spend time with your child. If you want to assert these rights, you can do so by proving one or more of the following:

If you are not listed as the father on your child’s birth certificate, or you have yet to sign a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity, it is necessary to undergo a paternity test in order to obtain any type of parental rights. Once this has been done, your lawyer will be able to assist you in obtaining either shared or sole custody of your children. In addition to visitation, the law requires parents to provide their children with physical, mental, emotional and monetary support, regardless of their marital status.

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